Patient care is our core focus

Our core strength lies in our ability to innovate and develop new products through focused teams in formulations, product design and analysis.

Kurocent healthcare Pvt Ltd central purpose is to ensure that - our patients, our customers, our colleagues, and our communities – gets the best conceivable care.

Sharpening this dedication, capabilities, and skills in this direction are at the heart of every decision we make.

As we complete 7 years of energy, compassion & exuberance for serving patients in India, we are glad that today Kurocent healthcare Pvt Ltd is trusted by leading doctors in cardio-metabolic therapy.


Bettering patient lives is our only motto.

We’re applying passion and commitment to improve patient health.

Kurocent healthcare Pvt Ltd vision is to be the most well regarded healthcare provider in India committed to the highest standards of medication quality and patient care.

We have a deeper level of patient needs and are always empathetic to their needs. This encourages a culture of planning & bringing innovative therapies to support HCPs in achieving better clinical outcomes.

We understand that being the best is a continuous journey & so we keep constantly striving to be better with every passing day